Bridgepoint Search

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The best process yields the best results

Bridgepoint Search works to provide flexibility for our clients and can work on a retained, contingent or contract basis depending on the priority and urgency involved.The 9 steps below describe our process for a retained search. For a contingency search we follow many of the same steps but with less depth and research.

  • Step OneConfer with the hiring manager, and other members of the "hiring team", to asses the desired candidate skill set and experience.

  • Step TwoReview the job description based upon function, chemistry, corporate culture and critical elements desired.

  • Step Three: Define Search Universe and identify likely areas to locate an individual, including competitors and similar environments.

  • Step Four:  Begin the active phase of the search by contacting the targets and referrals in order to qualify and interview the most promising candidates.

  • Step Five: Present Search Results, Review the results with the client and analyze best candidates.

  • Step Six:  Arrange client interviews and assist  in moving acceptable candidates to the next interview.

  • Step Seven: Check References and speak with people who have worked with the finalist.

  • Step Eight:  Help the client prepare an offer that will be accepted by the candidate on the spot.

  • Step Nine: Consult with candidate throughout the resignation period byassisting with the resignation letter and setting  the proper expectations.


Process Benefits:

Our search process offers our clients significant advantages over other methods of attracting talented people. As highly experienced executive recruiters, we represent our clients in the most consistent and professional manner from the initial contact to the final offer and acceptance.  We know that your objective is the right hire the first time.