Bridgepoint Search

Connecting Software Sales and Technical Professionals

 Searching for an experienced recruiter that can relate to your vertical software sales or technical background?

  • Our executive recruiters at Bridgepoint Search are also experienced software sales and technical professionals.
  • This allows us to better relate to your vertical market experience, and your skill level.
  • We will take the time to understand your current situation and goals.
  • Therefore, they are able to address your job search needs quickly, without waisting your valuable time.  We understand that this is an extremely important process for you.
  • We invite you to review our website, and we look forward to discussing your job requirements in detail.

    Searching for an experienced recruiter that can match the right sales or technical position to your needs?

  • Bridgepoint Search Executive Recruiters connect software sales and technical professionals with companies specializing in ERP, Supply Chain, Business Intelligence, Asset Management, Financial Management, Corporate Performance Management, Practice Management, and many other vertical markets.
  • Prior to making a formal introduction, our executive recruiters will carefully match you with the best opportunities and discuss them during an initial, and followup, phone interviews.
  • We review your resume and offer suggestions where appropriate before submitting it to one of our clients.

           Positions Placed:
  • Sales Positions

  • Presales Consultants

  • Sales and Marketing Management

  • Application Developers

  • Software Engineers

  • Systems Analysts

  • Software Architects

  • Quality Assurance Analysts

  • Professional Services Consultants

          Applications Areas:

  • ERP
  • Supply Chain
  • Business Intelligence
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Management
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Practrice Management
  • Many other vertical software markets